Get ready for Halloween!


OK, Halloween is coming!  Need a unique costume for a human or a doll?

How about a kitsune?

Click here for the pattern for masks for both sizes and info on this interesting creature

And I just have to share something I’m super proud of…

These shoes took forever to make, since all the sewing was done by hand except for some topstitching.  I think I broke 3 needles in the process but am SO pleased with the final result!  Yes, I made the jeans too if you’re wondering 🙂  The shoes were made as “outies” but formed on a last with a modified version of this pattern also see more here.  Should you be inspired to try some (easier than this) people or doll shoes check out these links:

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  1. Jennie, your creations are all fabulous, and I love your kitsune costume (thank you for the freebie)! Funny thing, I was planning on wearing my yukata this year for Halloween! No mask for me though… I have to make sure I see those Hallloweenies well when they come up our driveway (I usually stand down from our porch so the poor kids, for once, don’t have to climb up those stairs (all the houses of our neighbourhood have stairs, so it gets very tiring for the little legs…).

    Your shoes are to die for! I’m so impressed that you made them all yourself!!! And the jeans too!!! Wow!

    • On our street kids don’t trick or treat – no kid would walk half a mile for each piece of Halloween candy! 🙂 At least I get to see all the kids at my school all dressed up in their parade. Funny to think we are wearing similar costumes – maybe you could paint your face like a kabuki kitsune?

  2. Your shoes are wonderful. Look so comfortable too!
    I’ve been looking at fox mask patterns also. Found a dragon mask, but wasn’t sure of the costume part. Now, I’ll give both costumes a try. Thanks for all of the free patterns you give us.

  3. Love the kitsune costume, especially the picture of you in the woods; and you have reason to be proud of your shoes. They look like they came from a store, fantastic, well done!!!!

  4. Love your shoes! I wear that maryjane style all the time (latest were from Earth shoes) and how wonderful that you sewed them yourself! Thank you for the fox mask – I had just asked my daughter to make one for our dolls! My 13 yr old sews the cutest animals in felt! Your tutorial is so very complete, even with the Japanese style fox masks in various sizes. I love every post!

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