Draft your own pattern: undies!


On the survey, LOTS of people wanted undies for every doll you could think of, but it’s time for true confessions here…my dolls usually don’t wear them!  At small scale they may actually affect the fit of pants, and more importantly, often when I’m doing a photo shoot, the doll needs to be able to undergo lots of fast clothing changes. If the undies interfere, off they go!  The only exceptions I make are for historical dolls that wear bloomers and dolls that came with underwear that fits so tightly it doesn’t impact the fit or rapid changing of clothes.

But you said you wanted them, and I strive to make this blog helpful to the doll sewing world, so here’s a tutorial on how to make them for ANY doll. If your dolls also don’t wear undies, adapt this to make a swimsuit instead.


7 responses

  1. Thank you for this very instructive how to! I often want to make undies, but I tend to shy away from them! I like to try to start from child-sized panties so I can use at least the top elastic (and I reuse the elastic taken from the legs also).

  2. Thanks! I have been meaning to make undies for a couple of dolls but hesitated to draft my own pattern. This will be very helpful! I agree that doll undies can be bulky or a hassle for clothes changes, but I prefer dolls in dresses to have something to wear underneath for modesty 🙂

  3. I make my own because $7.00 for a little 10 inch doll is just unreasonable.. Lenora

  4. thank you Jennie…just wondering i thought i saw one of your patterns on PixieFaire…are on this site too? i really enjoy reading yours posts….i am a live alone Grandma and you give me something to look forward to when your posts come up and thanks again for your the time you spend on us