French Fashion Dolls week 4


cecile and marina

Ok, we’ve reached the final week. How is your doll’s trousseau shaping up?  Full of exquisite little accessories?   Yes, I did have a multi-sized pattern for the blouse/skirt/bretelles, along with authentic skirt designs to do in soutache/ribbon, but it has disappeared somewhere in my computer.  😦  If it reappears, of course I’ll post it, but in the meantime I was saving some of the best accessories for last – this week has my favorite paper craft (a photo album) AND my favorite shoes (toe cap boots).

Get week 4 here


This post was done during the summer, and in a fit of super-planning in August, I also did posts to appear for the next two weeks with other stuff that you will love.  Thank goodness!  Right now crafting/sewing/blogging/laundry/etc.  is not happening because work is so overwhelming.  I will try but if your comments don’t get answered, please know it’s because of that and not that you’re being ignored.


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  1. I do wish you get you get track of this multi sized pattern!
    Nevertheless these past four weeks have been pure pleasure. Thanks a lot.

  2. Again, Jennie, it is a delight to read your craft booklet of the week! Not only it is full of pretty things, but also filled with interesting period information! Love it! Thank you so much for this series! Just like you, back to school (and the end of the renovations) is taking all of my time and I have none for crafts of any kind (unless you call painting the walls craft!), but I will make many of those accessories for sure!

  3. And that missing pattern will re-surface when and where you least expect it . . . . Good luck with all you have going on.

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