French Fashion Dolls Week 3



Apologies for not doing a good job moderating comments and responding to emails.  I AM reading them but since being back at work don’t really have the energy to do both and have to prioritize.

LOTS of people responded to the survey and I was going to summarize it this week but realized I hadn’t given you a deadline…so thank you if you have done it, and if you haven’t but still want to, please click here to do it today!  I’ll close it on Friday and have the results for you next week.

It may be hot where you are, but this week we have lots of winter fun.  There’s a toque and muff for keeping warm while you ice skate, as well as some pastimes to do by the fire, like knitting and dominoes.  Enjoy!

Get week 3 here

Next week is the end of the French Fashion series and I definitely saved the best shoes and paper craft for last! After that there will be a post on back to school goodies with an emphasis on H4H!


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  1. Jen, those accessories are so lovely! Thank you! I will be making the needlework basket for sure! And the skates are a great idea! I don’t have the proper tools to work with wood, though. Maybe I could make the sole with layers of heavy cardstock… Tell me, if I want to enlarge the blades to make them fit the AG dolls, at what % should I copy them? Have you ever done the maths?

    Have a smooth back to work time! I started teaching again yesterday, so I know how you feel!

  2. Oh, Jennie, you are outdoing yourself! The skates in particular are priceless. I’ve never worked with shrink plastic, but I bought some last week after you published the hair comb. I look forward to trying it out in the Fall after things settle down here.

    Thank you too for doing the patterns in the Hearts for Hearts/Les Cheries sizes – the children in the Stitchin’ for Kids project will share in your generosity and love.

  3. What a lovely group!
    I just made up one of your Bleuette patterns for my Little Darling and it was so quick and easy to make and looks very effective that it would be the prefect ‘beginner’ pattern.

    If you are interested you can see it here:

    I’m not a beginner, but I like ‘quick and effective’ for my own dolls so will definitely be making it again in the future. All I needed to do was add a little bit extra to the opening edge at the back…and I made interfacing for the neck edge as I prefer that to the straight forward hemmed edged neck.
    Hugs Sharon in Spain

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