French Fashion Dolls Week 2



Thank you for all the comments!

As a reminder, patterns for dresses to accompany these accessories and help make a full trousseau can be found here

Get week 2 free patterns here

Last summer I did a survey and it really helped guide what I posted.  Since the number of followers keeps growing and I’d like to stay on track and keep posting fun and useful stuff, it’s time to tell me again!

Take the survey here.  

It’s just 9 questions and lets you help decide what appears on this blog!  

As a reminder you can always post comments or email me with suggestions too!

Before you suggest it…yes, I’m already working on a 1950s collection for the upcoming AG, Maryellen, and a 1960s collection for the upcoming Girl for all Time, Sam.

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  1. Hi Jennie, I’m loving your new series and your new dolls – love that size that’s similar to Les Cheries! Thank you too for the survey. Lisa

  2. thank you for the accessories, I love it when you work with shrink plastic to make things like the writing box…there are some little things like a pen and ink stand that just set the stage so wonderfully for your doll.

  3. The girls look adorable in their finery! I’m going to try the slipper pattern in a smaller size and see how it works.

  4. Such lovely ideas once again! This little hat looks so adorable… I can’t wait to make one! And the stationary box… Oh, love, love, love this fashion series!

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