Summer Sew Along week 3


Get the pattern for week 3 here

Make sure to get it NOW because like last week’s, this link will disappear on Sunday!

To reiterate…you do NOT need to send me links to your pix every week, but keep posting them on Flickr.  You’ll send all the links at once after next week and then you’ll get week 5 and a bonus pattern for the outfit below emailed to you!  

I love doing the summer sew-alongs, partly because I love seeing what everyone makes!  Even these simple patterns have been customized in so many cute ways – have a look at what people have made here.  You can also comment and encourage your fellow sew-along participants.  I did a whole bunch of that the other day, and then our internet went down and my comments seem to have disappeared!  We’ve been having so many thunderstorms that knock out power it’s incredible, but it’s supposed to warm up and dry out soon, and then maybe we can finally turn off our heat for the summer!

Oh look…another Paola Reina!!  This is Dasha.

I made this from the infinity dress pattern, using the placket instructions to make a slit at the neck.  The apron design was inspired by the Middie Blythe in the Oski Tebya Lyublyu series.

And more eye candy…Cassie sent me these from her blog :


Even though they were originally 1930s style dresses, they look totally up-to-date in these modern fabrics!

Speaking of modern fabrics, I just love this take on Kit’s sundress from Debra W.  A unique fabric that looks almost like taffeta and is perfect with Caroline’s eyes!

Need a break from sewing?  It’s rare, but sometimes I do!  If you’re into arts as well as crafts, specifically drawing, I just found some GREAT colored pencils!

[image from dickblick click to see on their site]

 Like a lot of people I have a love-hate relationship with prismacolor.  Love the color laydown and blendability, hate the leads breaking every time I sharpen and dulling so quickly.  So I’ve been doing a little research and ran across these oil-based pencils by Koh-i-noor called Polycolor.  They’re not too expensive, and are very smooth and so BLENDABLE!  The only downsides are that they don’t blend well with some colors of non oil-based pencils, so you can’t necessarily mix brands, and the white is not that functional for much but blending, since it doesn’t show up well over other pencils or watercolors.  But unlike many other pencils, there’s no waxy buildup and you still get the bit of sparkle of the paper underneath even with lots of layers of color.

I should have chosen something more colorful, but this was a drawing I happened to have done in the new pencils. I’m working my way through this excellent book that I gifted myself as an end-of-school-year present:

 If you like birds, this is a fabulous book!  It’s not like most “how to draw x” type books where you just get a bunch of examples to copy.  He gives a nice grounding in bird anatomy from bones to feet, eyes, feathers, etc. and encourages you to get outside and draw what YOU see.  Sadly there are no chickens in his book, which is the bird I see the most.  🙂  However, going through his instruction and explanations inspired me to take the time to really look at “lap chicken” (yes, we seriously have a chicken that likes to hang out on my lap if I’m sitting outside) today in a different way, and see how similar she is to other birds I’ve been drawing.

  Click the book to go to his site where you can see sample pages.

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  1. My craft space is almost vlean now, and school is out tomorrow for my kids, another step in our renovation process will be done, so I think I’ll be able to make all 3 weeks in a row soon! 🙂 Thank you, I can’t wait to learn more about sewing knits!

  2. Dasha is so sweet and the embroidery on her outfit is stunning, Jen!!! . . . some day I’ll get into embroidery! 😉 Really LOVE this 3/4 sleeve boat-neck tee — know it will layer ever so sweetly with so many things!!! BTW, your comment on my skirts is still there and I’m going to be able to put these Summer Sew-Along patterns to excellent use with ALL my new dolls — YAY!!! ;’) Envious of your drawing ability that I do not possess, book or no book — LOL! That’s why/how I got into rubber stamping back in the day.

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