Summer sew-along update


Hooray!  It’s almost time for summer vacation!  And no sewing is getting done this week because of all the end-of-year stuff keeping me busy at work.  But guess what that means?  Yes, the emails have been coming in for a while now asking about the summer sew-along.  So…time to get ready, because it will start next week!

As you pull out the box of your daughter’s summer clothes and start sorting through what fits and what you’ll give away, hang on to one cute print and two coordinating solid T-shirts she’s outgrown.

This year’s summer sew-along is going to be, as usual, a mix and match wardrobe.  But this time, as an added twist it will be structured as a “sewing school” to build up your skills week-by-week as we explore different techniques to be successful while sewing knits on a regular sewing machine!  At the moment, the patterns are sized for Maplelea/AG, but depending how quickly I finish my other major project, sizes for other 14″-16″-18″ dolls may be available too.

There’s a pretty awesome new pattern and embroidery collection, some of which is pictured above,  that may be available by next week.  Later this summer or early fall a historical sew- and craft-along should be coming specifically for 14″ dolls, and there are also roughly a million other unfinished projects in the works that I hope to concentrate on finishing this summer 🙂

I’ll leave you with some eye candy of this gorgeous chicken sundress Marge made for her new Kit.


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  1. What a great news. I hope the pattern will be suitable for chéries. Will you give the list of the supplies at the beginning because I will be away from home for business purposes and I would like to take my supplies (and maybe my sewing machine!) with me to be part of the sew along! Flo

  2. I can’t wait to see what you came up with this year for the sew-along! I’ll make sure I keep some of DD’s older clothes! What size is minimal, you think? Is 2T too small (I kept a lot of t-shirts with pretty prints, hoping to turn them into doll clothes). Thank you for taking time to build up those fun challenges!

    This chicken dress is beautiful! The seamstress is very talented!

    • 2T will work for some of them for the 18″ doll size, but you’ll probably need to supplement with some larger ones too for the bigger items.

  3. Jen, I was sooo surprised as I was reading this and scrolled down to see Kit in her new sundress! Just to be sure your readers know, it was made using your 1930’s Farm Outfit sewing pattern for 16″-18″ dolls. Thank you so much for ALL you do for us with your fabulous patterns and helping us hone our sewing skills along the way! Can’t wait to begin our 2015 Summer Sew-Along!!! ;’)

  4. How sweet this summer dress is, I love the fullness of the skirt..where can I find the pattern? I looked on Etsy, but could not find it to buy..maybe I missed it.
    Thank you!

  5. I can’t wait to get to learn how to sew knits. Sewing knits of one of my big fears, so I am excited to see how to do it without owning a serger.

  6. As I am a beginner for sewing, I’ve never participated to any sew-along, but I am impatient to begin with you. Congratulations for the wonderful embroidery, and to Marge for this cute dress.

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