You know that sunny day I keep waiting for?  Apparently it’s not going to happen any time soon!

Yes, that’s snow.

 But on to happier things…

I have wanted a Paola Reina Liu ever since I first learned of their existence a few years ago.  I kept asking Santa every year, telling him if only he could get me one I wouldn’t ask for anything else, and he kept telling me that no one would ship one to the US, or at least not for a reasonable price.   When you want something for a really long time, you do run the risk of being disappointed if the actual product does not live up to the high expectations you’ve built up for it.  Thankfully, that was not the case with my Liu!  Even though the one I eventually got came in a hideous soccer uniform, and had stains from her black shorts, I am thrilled with her and immediately set about making the outfit that I wished she had come in.

This is the original catalog/advertising photo

And this photo is of the actual doll (not a production sample) I found on Pinterest, with the front looking a bit different and kind of wonky.  It appears to close with a flap or something at the front,  but it ends up looking thick and out of scale with those large buttons.  The pants are also in a different print.

So, I was happy I didn’t pay a lot more for “Purple-Outfit-Liu” and the blouse pattern I came up after learning how weird the front could look when closed with a flap, closes in back and looks similar but, in my opinion, more wonderful!  The front panel can be made in a contrast fabric, have decorative topstitching in a contrast color, or you can do something creative with the seams like rickrack or piping.  It has nice simple lines, sews up quickly and still manages to look sophisticated. Pair it with the pants pattern here, or maybe a cute ruffled skirt.  My pants are a little longer and less full to look more like something a modern girl is wearing right now.  You could make them in a knit print and pair with a hoodie – just alter last week’s raincoat to be shorter!  And yes, based on the results of last week’s poll, you like this size so more patterns will be appearing!

Get the free pattern here

And just for silliness…

When I was taking Kit’s chicken pix, I spent at least an hour getting the chickens to come near her and stop moving enough for a picture.  When I set Liu down by this log, they were very curious and just wouldn’t leave her alone, hence “Liu and the Giant Chicken”

And now I’m pining after this special edition of Dasha (by La Lalla) that’s not available in the US…


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  1. Precious new baby in your doll family. Lucky you have such an understanding spouse. Your new doll’s eyes are amazing! I love that pattern and the fabric that you chose is truly scrumptious, a marvelous combination. Sadly, I don’t have a doll of this size; (I only design for American Girl dolls), however, I went ahead and downloaded it anyway — just to inspire myself! (Not to replicate, just to push myself along. Thank you so much for so selflessly and generously sharing your hard work. I look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to with each new blog, almost like waiting for the next thrilling installment of one of those cliff-hanger suspenseful old radio shows that came on each week in decades past. I just know that many people like me are standing by, waiting to be inspired and amazed. I’ll definitely remain “tuning in”.
    God bless!

  2. Wren, I ordered my Lui directly from the company in Canada and they shipped to me in North Carolina. She is so awesome… Lynne

  3. Beautiful. I am so pleased that you are making for Liu -she looks great in this outfit that you have created for her. I have her (mine is Lucy Liu) and look forward to making this. I love my doll and I am glad that you are enjoying her too.

  4. Snow! Blech! At least that’s what I am saying for now. I’ll like it next winter. It does feel like very early spring here right now and we have been overcast and damp all day. Summer is around the corner so I’m not complaining. It could be much worse.

    Liu is gorgeous! I am happy she found her way to your family. She will have a fabulous wardrobe! The photos are very nice and the polka dot dress at the end is darling.

  5. In Portugal, they are called Nicolleta and are sold by Imaginarium.
    Thank you for the pattern. Your tunic looks wonderful indeed.

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