Sigue lloviendo…


This photo is from our canyon’s FB page and illustrates what the weather’s been like lately…it just keeps raining!  But if you live in an area this dry and you get your water from a well, you’re not likely to complain too much about precipitation.

So the post I WAS planning got moved to next week in the hopes I’ll have a sunny day to photograph that outfit, and this week’s post turned into something the dolls desperately needed:  A raincoat!

Pictured above is Paola Reina Liu – more about her next week!

It’s really hard to take good pictures in rain and mist, both for reasons of lighting and because you’re feeling rushed and cold/lying the mud/worrying that your camera is getting rained on.  It can also be hard to take good photos of shiny things with their “trying highlights” (anyone get that reference?) and those two things combined today to make for not-the-best-photos ever.

This was the one I liked the best, although if you blow it up enough you can see my reflection in her eyes as I stood over her with the camera! 🙂

Get the free raincoat pattern to fit Cheries and Paola Reina Amigas here

You can see in the photo below that the PRs are noticeably smaller than H4H.

Copy the raincoat pattern at 107% to fit H4H!

(L-R) 10″ Tonner Half-Pint (AE body), 12″ Paola Reina, 14″ Hearts for Hearts, 13″ Corolle Cheries, 12″ Natterer Minouche

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  1. Of course I sew for this size but to be honest I must add I sew for many differents sizes from Ten ping to Maru dolls.
    Thank you for this lovely pattern a must for any doll in spring or autumn or in fact for any time of the year here.

    • I like all sizes too, but sometimes I get on a tangent and just want to stick to one…that might be the PRs for a while if other people like them too!

  2. I have Liu and an embarrassing number of other of these little ones, including three boys! Also have 2 Les Cheries and 2 Vestida DeAzul Paulina dolls, so all patterns this size are welcome! Thank you for sharing your talents!

  3. What a pretty raincoat! Liu is adorable, just as all Paola Reina dolls (I haven’t added one to our doll family…yet… but a good deal might change that!). Thank you for the free pattern, and let’s hope you get sunshine soon. We did have a very rainy and grey April, May is so far much better – hopefully the same happens for you soon!

    • Thank you! Not that I’m enabling, but they are available in Canada on the site with much cheaper shipping within Canada than from there to the US. 🙂

  4. très joli imperméable j’aime beaucoup
    les Hearts for Hearts ne sont pas commercialisées en France et c’est bien dommage

  5. Do you think this will also fit the Little Darling dolls by Dianna Effner? I love that you re-purposed a child’s clothing to make this. One of my favorite things to do is hit a thrift store for gently used clothing to sew into doll clothes.

  6. I have 2 Tonner McCalls dolls that are about 13 inches, we had fun with last summer’s sew along and thew want more new clothes.

  7. I think you did a great job on that photo! I have problems with doing the “stand over” photos, and that is indoor OR outside. H4H has a similar torso (very much the same; I have both. In my opinion; the biggest difference is the huge head on H4H, but, she also has longer limbs…but she is still cute.

  8. Oh. My. Goodness! Liu is adorable and her raincoat is too. The perfect color for her. Brightens up the rainy days.

    Yes, i agree. We are dry here, but not nearly as dry as the west, so I won’t complain if we get rain. Even hope for a few rainy days instead of one huge downpour, but I’ll take what I can get.

  9. Can the raincoat be adjusted for AG dolls?

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  10. Love the raincoat! I prefer this color to the typical bright yellow because it really brings out her skin tone! Any chance you’ll makes ones for 20” dolls? I know it would look lovely on my Tanya 😀

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