Stenciled Tea Dress


Kish 14″ Shea is pretending she’s on a manicured lawn waiting for tea at Downton Abbey rather in in my wild mountain yard.

Get the FREE pattern for her tea dress and vintage stencils here

Reminder if you’re participating in the Maru Contest to get your entries in by May 8th!

More info here: 

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  1. What a nice vintage dress ! I didn’t know this doll. She is actually ready to have tea with Mary and Edith at Downton Abbey ! Thank you for the pattern.

  2. I’m not likely to complain about any pattern you offer so kindly. I might only wish I had one more doll
    even if honestly l Just don’t know how many I have already and should be thankful for it.
    Having said that, thank you ever so much! And yes, I will think of it for a Kidz, or a Maru.

  3. thank you so much, my Tonner 14inch girls are in need of new dresses and this is such a simply elegant little dress…now where is that white batiste…

  4. Hi!

    Thank you for the cute “Kish 14” pattern for a stenciled dress. I do not happy to have this doll but appreciate your including the AG Doll adjustment.

    Thank you so much for your generosity!

    Kindest regards,
    Mary Margaret Petty

  5. Thank you, Jenny, once again! It is a lovely dress, and I love your stenciling idea! I will try to make this dress fit our H4H dolls, it is so pretty!

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