So I took a few weeks off from the blog, and had some time off work, plus a major snowstorm kept me housebound and what did I do with that time?  Well, there are a couple major projects in the works, and I thought I’d give myself a break from them and…um…sew some other stuff.  (Yes, I’m aware how silly that is!)  Also I did a huge amount of digitizing of embroidery designs and my Bleuettes are thrilled!

Yours might be too, because there’s a whole new collection in my etsy shop of Bleuette machine embroidery designs in pes format.

Yep.  You can now make your Bleuette an incredible, embroidered wardrobe in a fraction of the time it would take to do it by hand!  If your machine uses another format, there’s FREE conversion software here:

Are you running to get it right now?  Use the coupon code 20off20 to get 20% off it or any other purchase of $20 or more through Sunday!

Want to try my one of my favorites from this set?

Download the 1933 Robe de Toile FREE here

and get the pes design here

Don’t have a Bleuette?  It will also fit Paola Reina las Amigas and Corolle Cheries but NOT Hearts for Hearts

If this dress looks familiar, that’s because I did it for larger dolls here:

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  1. Wow! You’ve been busy! I didn’t know you owned a Bleuette! I’m impressed! I don’t have one, but I’ve been dreaming about learning how to crochet so I could make that one :

    Somehow, I never thought about using the Bleuette patterns (I downloaded almost them all to my computer!) for my 13″ doll… I was only thinking about how to enlarge them to fit my AG dolls. Probably because I can hardly picture my smaller dolls as historic dolls, while my AG dolls are historic (it’s only a matter of marketing, I know!).

    You say the Bleuette patterns won’t fit the H4H dolls, is it because they are 1″ higher? So if we were to lenghten the garments (I don’t have an embroidery machine, so I can’t use your in-the-hoop patterns), then they would fit our H4H, right?

    Thank you for the free pattern! Just like all your other ones, I’m hoping to get the chance to use it… but free time is a rariry right now!

    • That crochet Bleuette is certainly cute! The H4H torsos are just a little bigger than the Cheries. This dress might fit them snugly if you lengthen, but the rest of the patterns in the Bleuette collection won’t.

  2. I just stumbled across a site that has a pattern for a Bleuette manikin (mannequin). It doesn’t look like Bleuette, but is intended for using to try on clothes while you’re sewing, to eliminate the risk of damaging an actual Bleuette with lots of handling. Sounds like a logical idea to me, and thought others might be interested. You may know about it already; the pattern is several years old, but I didn’t remember ever seeing you mention it. Anyway, for anyone interested, it’s at and is available in both PDF and Word formats.

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