1930s Overalls part 2


So last week the blouse part of the overall outfit was free, and this week we’ll make the overalls.    BUT again, get it today, because it will disappear tomorrow!

The expanded version of the pattern, available all at once in my etsy shop right now, also includes the blouse with a puffed sleeve variation, a skirt to make the overalls into a jumper AND an additional set of pattern pieces sized for slim dolls like Sasha/Kidz n Cats/Girl for All Time/Kathe Kruse.


Yes, there’s actual chicken scratch in her bucket and scattered around her to encourage the chickens to be in the picture.  As you can maybe tell by the less-than-perfect quality of this photo, it’s harder to photograph a flock of chickens than you’d think!  🙂


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  1. I want to thank you and bless you for your free patterns. I am trying to dress 2 dolls for charity gifts and your patterns are a blessing to me. Thank you!!!

  2. Thank you for this super cute pattern! You did a great job with this! We now can add something different from the usual dress to our doll clothes collection! And I think the picture is priceless! I just hope Kit survived the attack of the giant chicken!

  3. Thanks! My granddaughter took one look at the pattern and squealed. As far as she’s concerned grandma having a pattern means overalls on her doll soon.

  4. I love this photo of Kit surrounded by the “extra large” chickens. I think there was a really bad horror film like this – Attack of the Killer Chicken or something of the sort, but that chicken was the size of Godzilla – these seem to be Yeti sized. 🙂

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