Hurry up, Spring!


Spring is my favorite season of the year!  The birds singing, the snow melting, and colorful bulbs pushing up through last year’s leaves make it a magical time.  It might even BE spring where you live, but where I live we apparently have a few more months to wait.  And what better way to wait than sewing a dress your dolls can jump into as soon as those crocuses come up?

Maybe it’s because of the abundance of pastels in 1930s prints, but to me many 1930s styles seem “springy” and this dress, shown on a Maplelea Friend doll is no exception:mina with flowers

It’s based on a Bleuette dress from May, 1933, and has been resized to fit Maplelea/AG.  What originally attracted me to it was the lovely cross stitch motifs, but it’s a nice, basic pattern that could work for a lot of modern outfits too!

Make it in T-shirt fabric, iron on a glittery motif and wear with leggings.  Find a fabulous print and take it to the next level with ruffles/ribbon/rickrack.  More ideas are in the pattern.

Click HERE to download

And if you’re still wanting to make stuff to wear right now when it’s cold, check out Anna’s cute slippers here:

She added a few touches to turn the felted slippers into little mice!

Have you seen the new BeForever limited edition sets?

They are all very cute, but at $48, not exactly an impulse buy.  Is there one you like enough to want to see it appear here as a pattern?  Go check them out, then come back here and vote below for your fave.  Stay tuned to find out the winner!  (poll closes in a week)

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  1. I love the be forever items. However, I wish that the girl sized inspired by also came in doll size. Do you plan on doing both in doll scale? For example, the Kit inspired girl sized jumper with the skirt would be adorable in doll size (as would several of the other girl sized doll inspired outfits). Whichever way you were planning thanks!

  2. Thank you for the pattern, Jennie! A real breath of the 1930s and very unusual. Kit will love it if Saila doesn’t!

  3. Love this dress! Love the fashions of the 1930’s and Kit’s new outfit. Thank you for the pattern- you are awesome!

    • It’s challenging because their body shapes are so different. The patterns scale much better for dolls with similar proportions like Kidz n Cats.

      • Thanks. I’m messing around with some Open Source clothing drafting software that is under development, and it might be possible to let the computer help.