Célébrons le carnaval!


Carnaval/Carnival is celebrated in many countries of the world as a sort of “last hurrah” before Lent.  Traditions range from dressing up in costumes and eating fried food (Europe) to parades and “King Cake”.  In the US, it is usually short, and centers on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday (Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Pączki Day in Chicago).  Apparently, in Quebec City, it’s a looong festival that ends this weekend.  Unlike many other areas of the world, where this time of year is warm and pleasant, the Quebec version is all about snow…the mascot is even a snowman!  (see more here:  http://carnaval.qc.ca/en/)

So to participate in the festivities, I made my doll a toasty new hat.  This style is sometimes called lumberjack or trapper hat.  It’s most traditional made in plaid flannel with furry lining, but also looks good made to match your doll’s other winter gear.  (Yes, in the pic she’s really on a mountain in CO, not at Carnaval, but I couldn’t find any public domain images to photoshop her into, so use your imagination!) 🙂

Click here for free pattern to fit Maplelea and AG

Pictured above is my new Maplelea, KMF10 renamed Mina.  Several of you emailed/commented and said you had ordered a new Maplelea after my blog post about them being on Amazon and you’ll be happy to know more projects are coming for them!  If you’re wavering, and need some “enabling”, their quality is the same, or maybe even a little better than AG, but the price is less!  Also, their boxes are very robust and perfect for storage of a doll and many outfits, and instead of the AG access to a boring website you get with their modern dolls, with Maplelea you get a cute little journal in English and French that your child (or you) can fill out to help define the doll’s personality.  You can see some pages from my doll’s journal here.


I also wanted to share this gorgeous Maru outfit made by Katy

(see the full post here: http://1960sgirl.wordpress.com/2015/02/09/fine-feathers-make-fine-maru/)

If you explore her blog, you’ll find she puts a lot of thought into choosing fabrics that match each doll’s coloring,  meaning outfit and doll complement each other perfectly!

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  1. Thank you, Jennie, for featuring my Maru outfit (and thanks everyone who took the trouble to visit Kit’s Couture – my blog is buzzing today!). Lovely to see your new Maplelea girl Mina, and I look forward to some more patterns for Maplelea on the way!

    • Thanks! I was kind of hoping to get Leonie, since she comes with a “ready-made personality” but it was more fun than I thought creating a back story for this new doll.

  2. Living in Quebec, we’ve had the chance to take part in the Quebec City’s Carnival many times. It is always a lot of fun because it is a celebration of winter activities. Of course, looking at all the ice and snow sculptures in the Old City is interresting, but going sliding, snow shoeing, skating, cross-country skiing, dog-sleighing or horse-sleighing, watching snow derbies, colorful parades, ice canoe competitions is also a huge part of of the pleasure of this carnival. Many other cities in the province of Quebec now have their own winter celebrations, so winter doesn’t seem so harsh!

    Thank you for your great hat pattern, I love it!

  3. I’m new to your blog, (or any blog), so not well versed in how to get around, but I did manage to get this pattern for my granddaughter’s AG type doll. Thank you for your generosity.

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