Happy New Year!!


Really, Jen?  MORE doll clothes?  YES!  Doll clothes are a vital part of play for children, helping to spark imaginations and create new scenarios. I’m a speech-language pathologist, and at work I see a big difference between language-disordered and typically-developing kids in how they play with dolls.  I have a few sets of wooden dolls with magnetic clothing covering everything from princesses to sports outfits to swimsuits.  For a kindergartner I might give them the dolls and hold on to the clothes, pretending I’m “the store.”  A typically-developing kid will walk her doll over to me and say, “I’m going to the beach, can I buy a swimsuit please?”  A language disordered kid is more likely to say something like, “I want a pink one.”  If they like the dolls, this is a great way to teach vocabulary. “Oh, you want a pink swimsuit.  I bet your doll is going swimming, what else does she need to take with her?”  It can also help scaffold stories.  First, the doll gets her suit, towel, etc., next she drives to the beach, etc.  So, although many people might not think of them that way, doll with a nice variety of clothes can be a really educational toy, especially if an adult is willing to add to the wardrobe/join in the play.  For older kids to adult collectors,  sewing for dolls is a wonderful way to “play” with them and develop a valuable skill at the same time.

The New Year always brings a statistics summary from WordPress.  One of the things they list is my top five referring sites:


I wasn’t surprised Pinterest was at the top, with 15,272 referrals, as well as referrals from my own site to other patterns on the site.  A big surprise for me was how many referrals came from http://www.ravelry.com/ and http://www.agirlforalltime.com/. I guess I hadn’t even realized they knew who I was!  In thanks to AGAT, and because I know a lot of people got a new Clementine for Christmas, I’m offering this new, authentic 1940s snow suit pattern FREE!

It’s been snowing and far below zero for a couple of days, so Clementine took advantage of the “heat wave” (15F/-9C) to make some snow angels and go sledding today.  I made her outfit based on this 1940s Carolyn Lee paper doll drawn by Queen Holden.  I share Nicki’s Baba’s opinion about white mittens, (anyone get that reference?) so I made them red. 🙂


Get the pattern here 

Thanks for reading the blog! I wish everyone a fabulous 2015!!


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  1. J’apprécie ce que vous écrivez à propos de l’importance du jeu pour les enfants et le merveilleux intermédiaire que représente la poupée. Ma petite-fille de 4 ans est infatigable dans ce domaine et, en vous lisant, j’ai un peu moins de complexe à m’adonner à ce genre d’activité ; j’y prends un grand plaisir et elle aussi.
    Merci pour vos tutos !
    Je vous souhaite une excellente année 2015 !

  2. Thank you very much for your best wishes and your generous gift. This outfit is just perfect for the season and lovely. i Wish I had your talent!

  3. Love,love, LOVE all of you new little outfits! It is so fun coming in and seeing what your next design will be. All of your little dresses for ten ping are darling. Will you have the white embroidered pattern available? I think it’s my favorite!
    Thank you so much for sharing….. You have been a busy lady!
    Happy new yeAr

  4. Jennie, this is so pretty! I love the embroidery (too bad I don’t have an embroidery machine), and I love the hat. Clementine is adorable in this winter snowsuit!!! I’m glad she can enjoy the snow now!

  5. Jen your work is always wonderful…this outfit is my favorite so far…thank you…hope you had a nice Christmas and your New year is a great!!!

  6. Thank you so much for this wonderful present. My Clementine will love it. Very fascinating reading about your work. My daughter had a speech “class” in elementary school. She still struggles pronouncing her “r’s.”

    I am a follower that found you due to the Girl for All a Time website.

  7. Dear Jen,
    Happy new year to you too. Although we are in Australia with high temperatures and threatening fires I will be making the snow suit for my Clementine. (My 29 yo 40’s enthusiast daughter insists!)
    Thanks too for the piece on using dolls in your work and on the importance of play for all of us.

  8. Clementine looks so adorable in this snow suit! I received Matilda for Christmas and was so hoping to see more patterns for A Girl for All Time. Thank you! Happy New Year!

  9. Its always such a dolligjt to get to see all of your adorable creations. I get so e cited I feel like a child sometimes. So wonderful!
    I love your little ten ping designs. Will you be sharing a pattern soon? I so much would like the pattern for the white embroidered dress. Will that pattern be a available?
    I really admire everything you do. Thank you again for being so giving and sharing your creativity with us.
    The best of New Years

    • Thank you! There’s a free pattern coming later this week for her, as well as a contest! The embroidered dress pattern and many more should be available before the end of the month. 🙂

  10. I just discovered A Girl for All Time and have ordered Clementine and Amelia. Thank you so very much for the free pattern and your amazing 1940s bundle for Clementine!

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