Little Darling in Japan: Week 7


 You may have already opened your Christmas doll, but the holidays aren’t over yet!  We still have New Year’s to celebrate!

My Christmas doll was adorable, but came with a stained head from her wig 😦

See more pix of her here

This next photo comes to you from   She made a little house for her Cherie and Paola Reina Liu.  The wonderful teapot is actually a people-size tea infuser. I also like the little touches like ikebana (floral arrangement) and that their belts are different colors 🙂


I had really grandiose plans for this post, but you know how sometimes the universe seems out to get you?  Yeah, that was this week.  Nothing went right with my crafting projects, so let’s just call it a miracle I managed to get this done.

Click here for Kimono Pattern

Note that this outfit was originally going to have authentic undies.  You can make them from batiste/thin silk using this skirt pattern, and the top from the karate gi.  Shorten the sleeves and leave off the collar, or make it a contrast color. She’s missing shoes too and doesn’t have a bento to eat!  Like I said, the universe was out to get me.  🙂  Try here: for food and shoes you can adapt smaller.

Click here for printable money and envelopes

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  1. I follow your blog “Via Line ” The little chinese Ruby Red are so lovely !I have Mia ,Miki and 2 Ten Ping Where find you outfits for them?best regards

  2. Your Xmas doll is lovely! I love the dresses you did for her and especially the white one with pink embroidered roses and the pale blue one: very feminine and elegant.

  3. Your new sweetie is very cute! Too bad for the stained head (what will you do?)… The kimono is gorgeous! I’m sorry to read, though, that nothing went as planned this week. I hope your next projects will mean only pleasure for you!

  4. Dear Jen,

    I have to tell you that I have thoroughly enjoyed your trip to Japan series and all of the background you provide with your patterns! They have been so educational!! I have not yet tried sewing all of the clothes but I have saved them–and I just love reading about all of them!!!

    Although my son in law has lived in the US for many years, he is from Singapore (his parents still live there) and we know so little about his culture. He does share some of his traditions with us (especially food) but your background information about Japan has helped me understand his customs so much more! Also, I love all the little extras you provide and I hope to do some of them (money cards, game, daruma doll) with my grandaughters when we’re all together for our New Year celebrations!

    Thank you for doing such wonderful work! I wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year!


  5. Dear Jen,
    What a generous person you are! I love receiving your blog post and have thoroughly enjoyed your Little Darling in Japan series. I have ‘had a bash’ at the jacket and pants for my Paola Reina 13 inch doll. (also cut out and overlocked the pieces for a young friend to hand sew)
    When I master my new camera I will send a photo.
    Many many thanks,

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