Little Darling in Japan: Week 4


Ok, we’re more than halfway done with our “trip” to Japan.  Still to come: sashiko quilting and some furnishings, a skirt-style hakama to wear with a yukata, and  celebrating the New Year.  As I put all of these on my calendar and schedule the posts, it’s amazing how quickly the holidays will be upon us.  Wanna know what I asked Santa for?

I actually wanted the one in the hat outfit below, but it’s been sold out for a while and Santa couldn’t find it.  Also he mentioned something like, “Why do you care what outfit it comes in?  You’re just going to rip off the clothes and leave them in the box forever anyway!”

Hmmm.  I see his point.  And I bet you can guess what I’ll be making first for my Christmas doll… 🙂

Ok, back to dolls I DO have already!

So this is my favorite outfit in this whole collection, and I was saving it for later, but decided to post it now.  This peasant-style outfit consists of “straw” sandals, monpe pants and a hippari jacket made with boro-style quilting.  The “little ragamuffin” look can be so endearing on dolls, and is perfect for Little Darling’s wistful face.

Get the pattern here


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  1. Hello, I was just wondering if your know … would these patterns fit the 14″ Hearts for Hearts dolls, with perhaps a little modification? Jaci

  2. Your new doll will be a darling one! I like her melancholic look! She is lovely in any clothes!

    Thank you for the pattern! It is great to learn so much about ethnic clothing!

    • Thank you! I think the new doll might just make a cute little sister for Little Darling. I feel like a kid counting the days until Christmas so I can see her in person 🙂

  3. I hope Santa is good to you! I’d love it if you made patterns for Ten Ping – my Jar-Lu needs new clothes!

    • There are quite a few patterns on the way, I have been fitting them on my Strawberina in the meantime; she’s been very patient as I struggle with this new, tiny size 🙂

  4. Another fantastic post and pattern!!!!! Thank you so much for your wonderful work 🙂 I’m looking forward to the holidays so that I can get started on making my pattern!

  5. first, I love your blog & work!! I have Ten Ping & some others, Kindergartners, Crops. They are just superb!!! It will be so fun to see what you design for them. I certainly hooe you were a goid girl this year for Santa. Best, lily

    • Thank you! Not only have I been good, I found my poor, neglected Strawberina and already started Ten Ping’s wardrobe. So patterns are definitely forthcoming 🙂

  6. Thank you for your generosity in sharing so many of your wonderful patterns with us. This outfit is also my favorite of this collection. The patterns in this size have really gotten me hooked on the Hearts4Hearts girls. I got one to participate in your summer wardrobe sew along, and my little group has now grown to 8! The two most recent girls, Nyesha and Surjan, will be my Christmas gift to myself. As for Ten Ping, what a pleasant surprise to hear that she will be joining you and that you have wardrobe plans for her. I have Ten Ping (the one in the hat) and Ishara and just love everything about them. I think this little peasant-style outfit would be a perfect look for Ten Ping (hint, hint). In any case, I’m really looking forward to seeing the styles you come up with for her. Best wishes for a joyful holiday season.

  7. We have very similar taste in dolls. I have the first Ten Ping in the yellow dress. And for Christmas
    I put my self on a long waiting list for a Dianna Effner Little Darling painted by Geri. Will have your patterns to make some clorthes for her.

  8. I just had to write and tell you this has become my favorite site. I have had such fun going through your patterns and have copied a few. I sew for little darling all the time as well as others. I just bought a ten ping and can’t wait to see your patterns for her.
    You make it such a delight to visit your site and I enjoy everything so very much. Keep those “creative juices” flowing. Your designs are amazing.
    Thanks again for offering your expertise to us all as well as your “freebies”.
    You are truly an inspiration!
    Fondest regards

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