Little Darling in Japan: Week 3


Happy turkey/tofurkey day!!

DH and I are having a quiet Thanksgiving, since we have no family here and apparently, even though I’m a pretty awesome cook, we don’t even have any family that like us enough to buy a plane ticket.  Little Darling isn’t going to make it home for Thanksgiving either, but she’s really enjoying her stay in Japan.  🙂

IMG_3048r1c cc

This week, Little Darling is learning aikido, but her costume is also perfect for other traditional sports like fencing, or even replicating costumes from historical dramas/anime/manga.  I was originally hoping to find a lot of pix to photoshop her into, but I try to stick to things that are in the public domain so as not to infringe on anyone’s copyright, and just haven’t found a lot of perfect scenes.


The top is from last week’s post:


4 responses

  1. Hello Jennie !
    I discovered your site two weeks ago and yesterday I received my Little Darling Ana, now called Tess! So you can imagine how lucky am I to find your beautiful patterns to dress my doll. I find your outfits very pretty and just perfect for our dolls. I am going to try to sew the winter jacket… Thank you very much for sharing with us !
    Sophie in Brittany- France.

  2. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Sometimes quiet is nice. Also wanted to tell you I am thankful for your Blog and wonderful sewing patterns! My daughter and I are really enjoying your Japanese series. Thank-you!