Summer sew-along part 1: pants


Thank you to everyone has participated in the survey! The response has been overwhelming but welcome.   I LOVE reading your feedback and suggestions and am still going through all the responses.  If you haven’t done it yet, the link is here: and will be open through tomorrow.

What amazed me (so far) was that the majority of you sew for your own dolls and collect a variety of types of dolls, so you may see some more diversity in the types of dolls here.  There’s a whole closet of neglected dolls downstairs cheering about that right now, can you hear them?  🙂

I’m also working on a new resizing tutorial to accommodate smaller dolls you mentioned, like mini AGs and 10″ Tonner Patsy, as well as hunting for all the historical Ellowyne patterns I made way back in 2007 when she first appeared under my Christmas tree.

I got an email last week from Lisa, who’s part of this group:  She said, “we sew for and donate a Les Cheries doll with a wardrobe of clothes to children who have long-term stays in hospitals” which I think is a great cause!  As you start this sew-along, why not make doubles of everything (you should have enough fabric from one fat-quarter bundle to make two of everything for small-size dolls) and donate a set to stitchinforkids to give to a child?  They have free patterns for Cheries on their website too, and as a reminder, all the Sasha/KnC patterns here can be copied at 77% to fit the smaller dolls as well.

The first pattern of the summer sew-along is for pants, which I did 4 different ways, as jeans, laced-up capris, with cuffs, and ruffled bottom pantaloons.

Get the pattern and see variations here

What about next week’s pattern?  And Sasha/KnC?  And AGs?  Here’s the scoop:

You can get next week’s pattern in 13″-14″ doll size FREE by posting a pic of these pants that you made to  Email me the link to your photo(s) by Thursday, June 12, and I’ll send you next week’s pattern on Friday, June 13.  My email is jenniebagrowski at hotmail dot com.  If you miss the deadline, the next week’s pattern will only be available in my etsy store!

What about Sasha/KnC?  Copy the pants pattern at 123% and then take 1/4″ off each back edge at the waist.  They’ll be long, so shorten accordingly for Sasha.

And AGs?  More complicated…and the more time I spend making the same thing in different sizes, the less time I have for fun stuff and new projects.   The other issue with AGs is they’re so large you might need more than 1 bundle of FQs or have to get 1/2 yard cuts to make sure you have enough fabric.  These pants are similar to the Versatility Pants pattern.  I’m planning on putting resized pattern pieces for AGs in my etsy store as multi-sized separates, but come on, wouldn’t you rather just get yourself  a cute new 13″-14″ doll to sew for? 🙂

So, to be clear…the sew-along is intended for 13″-14″ dolls like Hearts for Hearts and Cheries.  The free pattern pieces you can get by participating in the sew-along and posting pix will be that size.  In most cases, they fit Sasha and similar-size dolls when copied at 123%, but some minor adjustments sometimes have to be made, usually in length.   Yes!  You are welcome to post pix of any size doll in these outfits on the Flickr group!   If you want to join in but don’t want to post pix, or want pieces resized for AG and Sasha, I’ll also put each week’s patterns in my etsy store.

photo (3)

In case you want to follow along with the same fabrics, I’m using these two FQ bundles from JoAnn


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