A spring/summer hoodie for Hearts for Hearts and resizing tutorial


From time to time people ask me stuff like “How did you learn to sew?” or “What kind of sewing machine should I get?”  A question I’ve been meaning to address for a while is:

“How do you store your doll clothes?”

There are probably more doll clothes than people clothes in my house.  Smaller wardrobes and sets (like the 1940s collection, for instance) get stored in clear plastic bins by collection.  Random things I make get stored in large bins categorized by doll, and sometimes divided up in the bins with bags.  Like a large bin for AGs might have bags inside of skirts, shirts, pants, etc.

I’m embarrassed to admit my dolls generally sit around the house…unclothed.  Apparently they’ve discovered that if they stick around in one outfit too long I stop sewing for them, but if they don’t have anything on it urges me to sew something.  They usually wear a new outfit for a week or so and then it goes in a bin.  It’s not the best system ever, since stuff gets wrinkled and then I have to iron it if they ever want to wear it again.

I’d love to know how you store yours!  You can share as a comment or on https://www.facebook.com/wrenfeathers.  While you’re there, check out the adorable  dress Eva Lotta resized for her Paola Reina!

Speaking of resizing, a huge thank you to Marlene who helped with the Ballerina/Ice-skater conversion to AG size for Isabelle.  Both sizes are now included in the pattern, and if you already have it in the smaller size and want the AG pattern pieces just email me!


And yet more resizing…in fact, a free tutorial and pattern for this hoodie  in 14″ doll size


Get the resizing tutorial and hoodie here

Coming soon:  Another installment of “Where’s Jasmine?”  and a new pattern collection for all three sizes of dolls!!

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  1. I don’t have that many doll clothes yet, so generally leave my dolls dressed in the newer pieces so I can enjoy them and the rest are stored in a plastic storage bin. Now my fabric is another story and is currently ‘out of control’ in my small spare bedroom walk-in closet . . . !

    • I understand “out of control!” You’ll notice I didn’t say anything about fabric or doll storage…we used to have a guest bedroom, now we have what DH calls a “doll graveyard”. They took over the huge closet and then we put shelves all along the walls to house them all. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for a new Hearts4Hearts pattern. They are the size doll I usually sew for and it is hard to find good patterns for them. Also, the resizing tutorial was really useful, I have tried to resize patterns in the past, but never with much success.

  3. Thank you for this very complete and precise tutorial about resizing patterns! It is very interresting! Thank you also for the pattern! I hope I can try it out in a near future to dress up one of our H4H dolls!

  4. Great post! The ballerina outfits looks awesome and I love the hoodie. I’d like a Hearts4Hearts in my collection, but don’t see any outfits from them…kind of a turn off. I know I have to do more browsing on Etsy though.

    My doll wardrobe…I keep almost all of the AG stuff in the original box and the boxes fit nicely into 2 (well it really could be 3 by now) Thirty-One Large Utility Totes with the Top-A-Tote lids. Then I also have some items (mostly non-clothing accessory kits) in a two drawer dresser/nightstand. And I’m about to make a wardrobe for my non-AG dresses, clothes, and accessories so they stay a bit neater.

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