I’m not saying Mooshkas are not adorable…


In fact, I have succumbed to temptation and purchased a couple myself, and I like them a lot.  They do however, violate my personal rule that the only reason to have a doll is to sew and craft for it.

I have a couple of other minor issues with them:

  • First of all, they look like they were sewn by hand, when in fact, the designs are printed on them.
  • There is not a whole lot of ethnic diversity in their product line
  • Their name seems to imply that they would be soft and squishy.  Does anyone remember Puffalumps?  They were super squishy, whereas the Mooshkas are firmly stuffed.
  • Their clothes match their bodies so well that it seems pointless to sew for them.  Anything you could make would never match as well as the outfits they come in.

So, in case you haven’t guessed yet, I made something kind of similar that you can sew for.  It has a flatter profile, more like a paper doll, lacking the gussets and 3-D shape of the mooshkas which makes it easier to sew and more “homemade” looking.  It’s also larger, with thicker limbs and less tightly stuffed, to be more huggable.  One of the best parts of making this was choosing fun colors for skin, eyes and hair.  What about making her as a fairy with green or blue or purple skin and flower-petal pigtails?  She’s holding one of the new smaller mooshkas available at Target right now.  I machine embroidered her face, but had such problems with the stitch density and puckering that if I ever make another it will be with a painted or hand-embroidered face.

moosh fixed

(click to enlarge)

download pattern here

Do you crochet?  You will LOVE this cute version: http://amigurumibb.wordpress.com/2014/02/06/mooshka-dolls/

Want a paper craft?  Check out these:




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  1. That’s my same complaint about the Lalaloopsy toys. 🙂 These are cuter though, and thanks so much for your pattern(s).

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