Where’s Jasmine?


Ok gals, time for the first installment of “Where’s Jasmine?”  She’s my new doll from Adora, and I love that her looks are ambiguous.  If you think about the world’s population, her looks (brown eyes, brown hair, medium skin) are typical of a large portion of people on the planet (Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America, the Arctic, etc.)  I’ve read comments that she might be intended to be from Southeast Asia, but honestly I feel she looks like could be from lots of other places too, which is great because lots of girls will be able to identify with her.

If you were a kid with a computer in the mid 1980s you might remember the game “Where is Carmen Sandiego?”  You had to figure out from the clues they gave where she was, but in the dark days before the internet, the game actually came with books you had to look stuff up in.  Hard to believe we even survived such primitive times 🙂

In the age of google, I’m making this trickier…The pic below was taken in that country (image is in public domain)

Here’s your clues:

It’s warm and humid all year

The country has had to gain independence twice, from two different countries

The country uses their own coinage, but US dollars as currency

The capital city has the same name as the country

Think you know the answer?  Go here: https://www.facebook.com/wrenfeathers and post your guess as a comment under the “Where’s Jasmine?” post.  First person to guess correctly gets a doll shirt (based on traditional ones from that country) like the one Jasmine’s wearing.  No, you can’t see it yet, because it’s a pretty recognizable style and that would make it too easy.  🙂  I’ll post the pix and pattern here as soon as we have a winner.  [standard disclaimer – if you’re a kid, an adult must enter for you]  Good luck!

There were some requests for comparison photos of Saila, so on my flickr page there are a bunch that cover pretty much all the dolls you see on this blog as well as a measurement chart.  Not the world’s best photos, but they give a good size comparison.

(L-R) AG, Maplelea, journey girl (toys r us), magic attic, kidz n cats, Kruse Elea, Trendon Sasha, Hearts for Hearts, Corolle cheries

Click photo to go to flickr and see more.

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