More fall fashion…


This top reminds me of the very short empire-waist Sasha dresses from the 70s.  She wore them alone or sometimes over pants.  (All these photos will enlarge if you click them)


You can gather the sleeves (or shorten them) and wear over pants or  lengthen into a dress.

IMG_0326 R

Leave the sleeves ungathered for a more AG “Julie” 70’s look.  She’s wearing this over the gathered pocket skirt from last week.


And in flood updates, I haven’t been more than a mile away from my house in two weeks but they expect to have the main road out of our canyon open by…Thanksgiving.  Then again, our gas wasn’t supposed to be turned on for another 2-3 weeks and we just got it back yesterday!  Hooray!  And not a moment too soon, since the snow line should be dropping to 7500′ tonight.  (For you flatlanders, “snowline” means that precipitation falls as snow above that altitude.)  For the moment, with the road closures, I have had to take a leave of absence from work.  Bad for me, since the best part of my job is working with kids and the yuckiest part is the paperwork/bureaucracy.  Now I won’t be able to see the kids or get a paycheck, but I still keep getting emails about paperwork to do. 😛  It’s good for you, though, because I’ll have more time to devote to sewing/blogging.  So look for lots of new stuff and probably a coupon for my etsy store next month!

Oh, and speaking of “good for you” I also made this to go with the skirt the JLY dolls come with, since I think that pink tee they come in looks like a onesie:

IMG_0315 R violet's kawaii

Violet’s kawaii smock is a ROUGH pattern I made for personal use  (ROUGH = pieces aren’t marked and there are no directions) but I thought I’d post it here.  Lots of you have been sewing since before I was born, so I’m sure you can figure it out.  🙂 It would make a great PJ top too in flannel or a lovely dress if lengthened in a dark/print fabric and contrasting white yoke/collar.

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  1. So you didn’t evacuate? Your home must have survived the rage? So glad you were able to get gas since the cold weather is supposed to be coming. I am at 8500′ northwest of Fort Collins, so I imagine we will see snow before long. Many of my neighbors and friends had water in their basements, I was very fortunate to come out of it with no damage to my home or property. Hope you will be free of your confinement soon. Looking forward to all the new patterns. Joan

  2. I would like to thank you jenny for your kindness and generosity. You are always willing to share your patterns. I wait patiently each week to see what you come up with . Your creativity keeps coming . Keep up the good work . My grand daughters who love their dolls will love you too.

  3. The smocked top pattern could also be used to make a camisa similar to American Girl Josafina’s Harvest Dress. Why AG never gave the poor thing more than one long sleeve top we’ll never know.

  4. J’ai relevé le patron de la blouse Kawaii de violet, mais j’aimerai avoir une photo de ce modèle s’il vous plaît. J’ai du mal à visualiser ce modèle sans la photo. Je vous remercie à l’avance, amitiés.

  5. I have downloaded the smock top, a great-grand has an 18″ Madame Alexander doll in need of clothes. I was wondering which doll was the model shown in the pattern?

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