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More fall fashion…


This top reminds me of the very short empire-waist Sasha dresses from the 70s.  She wore them alone or sometimes over pants.  (All these photos will enlarge if you click them)


You can gather the sleeves (or shorten them) and wear over pants or  lengthen into a dress.

IMG_0326 R

Leave the sleeves ungathered for a more AG “Julie” 70’s look.  She’s wearing this over the gathered pocket skirt from last week.


And in flood updates, I haven’t been more than a mile away from my house in two weeks but they expect to have the main road out of our canyon open by…Thanksgiving.  Then again, our gas wasn’t supposed to be turned on for another 2-3 weeks and we just got it back yesterday!  Hooray!  And not a moment too soon, since the snow line should be dropping to 7500′ tonight.  (For you flatlanders, “snowline” means that precipitation falls as snow above that altitude.)  For the moment, with the road closures, I have had to take a leave of absence from work.  Bad for me, since the best part of my job is working with kids and the yuckiest part is the paperwork/bureaucracy.  Now I won’t be able to see the kids or get a paycheck, but I still keep getting emails about paperwork to do. 😛  It’s good for you, though, because I’ll have more time to devote to sewing/blogging.  So look for lots of new stuff and probably a coupon for my etsy store next month!

Oh, and speaking of “good for you” I also made this to go with the skirt the JLY dolls come with, since I think that pink tee they come in looks like a onesie:

IMG_0315 R violet's kawaii

Violet’s kawaii smock is a ROUGH pattern I made for personal use  (ROUGH = pieces aren’t marked and there are no directions) but I thought I’d post it here.  Lots of you have been sewing since before I was born, so I’m sure you can figure it out.  🙂 It would make a great PJ top too in flannel or a lovely dress if lengthened in a dark/print fabric and contrasting white yoke/collar.

Happy Autumn! (Maybe)


What’s autumn like where you live?  Are you wearing shorts?  Raking leaves?  If you live in Coal Creek Canyon, your autumn consists of being trapped on a mountain 20 miles from the nearest grocery store with a flooded downstairs, ruined carpet, 50 degree temps and no heat or hot water because the roads look like the pic below!

This is a neighbor’s house.  That new “waterfall” is courtesy of the flood, and those exposed black pipes are gas lines, normally buried maybe 4-5′ underground…hence no heat or hot water!  Our neighbor said all that damage happened  in one night.  What you can’t see is the mudslide that buried one of his cars…

There’s only one road out of the canyon and it looks like this.

I actually did this post long before the flood hit us, so the rest of it is happy and doll-related.

The “official” beginning of fall is this Sunday; is your doll ready for apple picking and drives through the country to see the changing foliage?

I put together a couple of pieces to add to your doll’s fall wardrobe. This is different from the summer sew-along, where all the pieces were intended to go together and be mix and match. Instead, these are separates to work with things your doll already has. Maybe she can even put them together with things you made in the summer sew-along!

The fun and frilly A-line dress from summer turns sophisticated in a neutral palette of colors with piping instead of rickrack to give it a more tailored look. It is topped by a charcoal colored pleated jacket with red accents giving the ensemble a “pop” of color.

Included in this collection is:

A sleeveless jumper to wear by itself if you live in a warm area, or over a long sleeve T-shirt if you live in a colder area. (On Sasha)

An A-line skirt with eye-catching gathered pockets (on Marietta)

If your dolls would like a little something to top their new outfits, the pattern for the pleat-front jacket (on the AG) is here:


Coming next week:  A long sleeved boho-style top reminiscent of some of Sasha’s 70s dresses that you can leave short to wear over leggings or lengthen into a dress

There are also TWO new historical collections in the works, (look for the first one in October…maybe)

Native American-Style Dresses


A big thank you to everyone who took the time to vote in the last poll.  The winner (by one vote) was a Plains costume:

kaya gritty sepia old photoR

(click to enlarge the small photo)

But Pacific Northwest was SOOO close and I am SOOO nice 🙂 that I did a version of one of those too.  These outfits are all my interpretations of traditional costumes, but I tried to be as faithful as possible to the originals while making them do-able at doll size.

I also added some accessories – yes, I read and value your comments!