Hey, look what I found!


A few weeks ago I was reminded of a bunch of Addy patterns that I had forgotten I had made.  I was looking for them on my computer, along with some Karito patterns I remembered and also couldn’t find, but I did randomly find this:

Yet another set of patterns I had forgotten I made.  (Makes me want to open every file in that directory and see what other treasures are lurking there!)  It’s a set of summer patterns originally for Daisy, a doll made by Kestner in 1911 and given away by Ladies’ Home Journal as a prize to girls who sold magazine subscriptions.  Illustrations are by Sheila Young, the artist of the Lettie Lane paper dolls  I drafted these to fit my Daisyette, so these patterns will work for her or Bleuette.  You can enlarge them at 150% to fit Sasha/Kidz n Cats or the actual-size Daisy, although you will probably need to lengthen the skirts a bit and possibly shorten the long sleeves.  DOWNLOAD IT HERE and save it while you can, as I may eventually start taking down old posts/files to make room for new stuff.  Enjoy!

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  1. Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!!!! I have a composition doll I just got at a second hand shop and I have been looking for period appropriate clothing in the right size for her body! My mother collects dolls and she thinks the doll I just got is from 1930; it doesn’t have a maker’s mark on it’s back/head and looks like a Princess Elizabeth, Shirley Temple knock off. These may also fit some of my mother’s antique dolls that need clothes, as theirs are close to dry rot.

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