Bleuette dress from 1933 – made easier!


Sometimes I feel heirloom-y, sometimes quick and easy.  Here’s a way to do fancy heirloom-look picot-edged stitching quickly and easily with your sewing machine to make a (resized) Bleuette dress from 1933!

Download a version to make for your Sasha/KnC or AG here

And in other news, my huge summer project is nearing completion! Since May I have been working on this nearly every day, and now the patterns are ready, the outfits have been sewn, the embroidery has been digitized, the text has been written and most of the pictures have been taken.  All that remains is a whole lot of editing and a few more pictures to take.  I anticipate being able to release it next Friday, and of course there will be a new free pattern to celebrate! There are a couple of you that already know what this collection is going to be, including my mom who doesn’t like dolls but spent hours proofreading, (thanks, Mom!) but as a hint for the rest of you I will give you two words:  Mosi and Shola


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