Fairy cottage playhouse for 18″ dolls


Make your dolls a Fairy Cottage!


This design is perfect for 18” or smaller dolls.  It is meant to be a playhouse for them, similar to the kids’ playhouses that are made to fit over a card table, but I imagine you could easily scale it up to any size you want.

At least 2 – 18” dolls can fit comfortably inside, yet it collapses to a small pile of poles and fabric which is easy to store.  After I made the first one, my mind started racing with all the other possibilities:  a little log cabin, a medieval-style tent for knights at a jousting tournament, a haunted house, a beach tent, covering the poles with strings of silk flowers to make a flower-selling or farmer’s market stall, making curtains to make it a stage, using bark-print fabric like a hollow log for stuffed animals to live in…

GET THE FREE TUTORIAL HERE and while you’re at the store getting your PVC fittings, get a few more and make the cute stuff from this website: http://www.beds-n-blankies.com/buildingset.htm

Dress your doll for her new fairy house!  Fairy patterns have been available for slim 16”-18” dolls as well as Hearts for Hearts for a while, and now by request, the girl fairy patterns and accessories have been re-sized to fit the AG dolls!  You can get the pattern here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/154844587/fairy-sewing-pattern-for-american-girl

If you already have the fairy set for one size doll and just need the pattern pieces for another, you can get them from me via email for $4.99.  (jenwrenne at hotmail dot com)

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