The end of the sew-along and a contest…


A huge thank-you to everyone who participated in the sew-along and encouraged me with your kind words and lovely pictures!
I made one final pattern in my sew-along fabrics, which is based on Japanese smocks that look great layered over everything. (search etsy/ebay for Japanese sewing pattern books to see what I mean) Your doll can also wear it belted as a dress, or shortened as a jacket to layer over other pieces from the sew-along.


Then, in my continued love for Japanese pattern books, I also made this:

It doesn’t really fit with the layer/mix-match ideal of the Summer sew-along, so I put both patterns together in a set to fit AGs, their slim cousins and little sisters.

You can buy it here or get it FREE (keep reading…)

So I originally bought a package of shrink plastic to make a small rigid heddle for myself to use as a belt backstrap loom. It came out so small I thought…ok, I’ll give it to the dolls. But then I thought…why not a “real” loom? If you are a weaver you are probably swooning with delight right now (I know I was when this became a reality!)

Get the pattern and tutorial to make it here

anna weaving

Instructions for how to use it

And then my husband said those fateful words: “Just think what else you can make for your dolls out of it!” I thought the loom was the coolest thing that I could possibly have made, but I was wrong. Check out this pocketknife:

It’s based on the Spyderco “Dragonfly” and actually works.  It opens and closes and the blade locks!  Should you be dying to make one of your own, Spyderco sells a kit to make a wooden (people-size) knife and I based my pattern on that.  (see below) I’d recommend waiting and drilling your holes on the second handle piece after you shrink to make sure they line up.

I admit those things may be beyond some people’s crafting skills, so I also created some that are simple enough for you to make with children (they may need help cutting out small areas). Check last week’s post to find watch and belt buckle patterns
I personally cannot stop crafting things with this product, which is nothing more than number six plastic that you might have in your recycling bin! But I am betting that all you crafty people out there who follow my blog also have some wonderful ideas! And so to celebrate the end of the summer sew along and the more than 200 followers the blog now has, I am holding a contest to see what awesome ideas you can come up with to make out of shrink plastic for your dolls.

Contest Rules:

  • Item must be made at least partly of shrink plastic, which goes by trade names of Shrinky Dinks – (available at Hobby Lobby) Grafix (available at JoAnn/Amazon) clear, rigid #6 plastic (from your recycle bin)
  • The item must be an appropriate scale for a 16 to 18 inch doll and must be entirely your own work/your own pattern
  • By entering the contest you agree that your work may be shared here online
  • If you’re a child, you need an adult to enter you in the contest (Why?  because I am a firm believer in internet safety for kids and if you win you will have to give me your name and address so I can send your prize and a child should never EVER be giving that info to  anyone online!).

Everyone who enters the contest gets my new pattern set free!

Winner gets their choice of a custom-made Wrenfeathers denim/twill jacket for doll of their choice OR a coupon for any pattern you’d like from my etsy store (and yes, you can hold onto it for later, there are some awesome things in the works for this summer!)
How to enter:
●Post a picture of your item and (if necessary) pix of pattern/steps to make it (to flickr, picasa, photobucket, etc) by midnight June 9th.
●Email me your name and the link to your pix at jenniebagrowski at gmail dot com (Yes, if you REALLY can’t figure out how to upload photos you can email them to me, but I’m trying to create a pinterest board for this so everyone can share ideas)

If you’re really un-crafty but have a great idea you wish you could make, you can enter by emailing your idea to me

Winner will be chosen by me unless there are waaaaaay too many good ideas, in which case I will assign you all a number and use a random number generator to choose.

If you are wondering how to scale things, here is a handy tip:  Most shrink plastic will shrink in the neighborhood of 30-40% of its original size.  So using things that are “human scale” as your pattern and shrinking them will generally make something about the right size for a 1:3 scale (18″) doll.

Another tip to help you win:  There are hundreds, if not thousands of ideas already out there for jewelry.  I am looking for creative, original doll accessories.  Think about real things that are small to medium size, flattish and made of metal/wood/plastic that your doll would like to have but can’t because normally you might have to cut those things with a saw or cast them in a mold.  You can do “mixed-media” projects too (like my loom that combines wood and shrinkies).

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  1. Too bad I’m a couple of years late for the contest. I, too, have used the shrink plastic to make belt buckles, but my “triumph” was cute buttons that matched the outfit: strawberries for a dress with a strawberry print, for example. It took a little experimentation to figure out how far apart to place the holes in the buttons, but then they could punched out with a paper punch. This isn’t remotely as cool as a loom (which I will make) or a pocket knife, but . . .

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