Summer sew-along week 8…bags and accessories



Ok, we’re in the home stretch here.  Monday is Memorial Day, the “unofficial” start to summer which means the (almost) end of the summer sew-along.  How are you doing?  Already made everything and eagerly awaiting more or planning to use the long weekend to catch up?  Is your doll thrilled with her new wardrobe and ready to head off on vacation?  Here’s a collection of fun stuff to add “play value” to your summer wardrobe and get your doll ready for her trip.  There’s something crafty for everyone in this post:  sew-ables, printables, and a couple that will require shrink plastic, AKA Shrinky Dinks – (available at Hobby Lobby) Grafix (available at JoAnn/Amazon) or clear, rigid #6 plastic (from your recycle bin)

To use shrink plastic, rough it up with sandpaper (if necessary) and color with colored pencils.  Use “permanent” markers with extreme caution; anything but a black sharpie could stain your doll if the item gets wet!  My experiments have shown those big, colorful packages of markers that say “permanent” (like Bic) are really just water-resistant and some colors will rub off of the plastic (even when not wet) and may run/blur horribly when sealed/mod-podged.  You have been warned! Cut out the item and bake on a piece of brown paper grocery bag at around 275-300F for about 2 mins. Use mod podge or acrylic paint sealer to seal it.

Click here to get a HUGE .pdf to make: diary, magazines, ipad, phone, passport, “money”, plane ticket, watch, belt, hair accessories, purse, carry-on bag (note that the carry-on bag is probably more suited to intermediate sewers)

Check this post for colored pencils and a backpack:

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