Summer sew-along week 4 – halter top or dress


If you’re an AG fan, you probably saw (and maybe wanted!) this in their most recent catalog:

Yeah, me too.  But $28?  Well, now you can make the top (and a pattern for similar bottoms is here:


Remember a few weeks ago I said your wardrobe would look more authentic if you mix in something besides quilting fabrics?  I used the A-line skirt pattern from last week for this denim skirt:

But your dolls may also want some twill/denim shorts?  A jacket?  If you sew for the smaller dolls, you may already have this pattern: and probably (like me) considered it for autumn.  Well, what about making the jacket in a lightweight white or khaki twill to throw on during a chilly summer evening?  

And the pants can easily be turned into shorts like this:


by sewing a tiny tuck before cutting them out and using the pocket lining as the outside pocket.  I made the belt from grosgrain ribbon and the buckle is from my Army-Navy surplus (they are sold there for making bracelets out of parachute cord)

If you are sewing for bigger (AG) dolls a new pattern is available in my etsy shop that includes the jacket in their size as well as a pants pattern I call “versatility”  It includes shorts, capris, pants and jeans with variations like real pockets, cuffs, belt loops and two styles of waistband.  It’s NOT elastic waist, so it provides a nice smooth fit under Ts, etc.

The happiest news ever!  Just in time to coordinate with the launch of my newest pattern, Etsy now supports instant downloads!  What does that mean for you?  No more waiting for me to email it to you!  If you need to sew something at 2am, now you can!  Also, no more annoying emails back and forth about a file being too big or your firewall blocking multiple files!  How exciting is that?  Check out all the patterns available instantly here:

Happy sewing!

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