Summer sew-along week 3 – A-line Skirt


There are some lovely pictures pouring in from people who are taking part in the summer sew along.  You can see them here:

I have to say, I am very jealous of the pictures of the dolls with greenery behind them.  As I write this we are in the middle of yet another winter storm and there are about 18 inches of snow blowing around outside my window.

Our project for this week is a simple A-line skirt. <–click there to get it.  If you’ve already made the other projects, you should now have four separate pieces to mix-and-match, resulting in four separate outfits.

Just a reminder, you can copy/print the slim 16″-18″ size of this at 77% to fit Hearts for Hearts dolls!

This skirt is the perfect blank canvas for your creativity!  It’s so fast and easy you can make several and spend extra time giving it decorative touches:  Use contrast bias and turn to the outside for a waistband.  Add ruffles or trim at the bottom or all over, piece the front from different fabrics, add cargo pockets, sew a fake seam and zipper in the front for a denim skirt, embroider/appliqué/iron-on/silkscreen matching motifs onto a plain skirt to match the top, etc.

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