Summer wardrobe part 2…and what about the boys?


Part 2 of our sew-along is a wardrobe necessity:  Pajamas!  You can also use it to make a T-shirt and capris/shorts.  Get the pattern here

What about the boys?  Glad you asked!  There’s not as much variation in boys’ clothing as there is with girls.  So  you can easily make a cute boy’s summer wardrobe using just a few patterns starting with the ones from this week.  Make the pants as baggy skater/Hawaiian shorts with a T (iron or silkscreen on logos/graphics, etc.)

 The Hogwarts shirt here: can be enlarged to be a loose Hawaiian shirt or make it in a cute little-boy print to layer over a t-shirt.  Copy it at 110-115% (less for Sashas-more for KnC) then shorten the sleeves and hem.  Consider making a more casual  straight (instead of curved) hem at the bottom.  If you have the jeans and jacket pattern, shorten the pants to make twill/denim shorts and think about additions like cargo pockets.  Some ideas to modify that pattern are coming in a week or two.

Unrelated to the sew along, but… I’ve gotten a couple emails that etsy is annoying to use and one from someone who preferred not to purchase stuff online.  My answer to all of them is YES, you can always contact me directly to order patterns and I can send you a paypal invoice, or I am happy to take personal checks.

You can see pix of this week’s outfits in the pattern or here:

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