Wow, have I been busy!


What have I been up to with a whole week off work?  Let’s see, first I have gotten requests for more MIM patterns, and have re-sized ALL of the LGG patterns for them (Daydream isn’t pictured).  By the way, I found during that process that the sleeves are all pretty much interchangeable, so if you have them, mix and match and make new things! (I’d love to see pictures!)  In the middle of all that drafting and sewing Paulette Goodreau, creator of MIM announced she is retiring!  So if you want one, now is the time to get one before they’re gone!  And if you want the patterns, they are here:

I also drafted the “B” jacket from the Blythe book which won the contest from a few weeks ago  and will be coming in a few weeks, and SURPRISE! my Blythe clones that weren’t supposed to arrive until Xmas came early!

So I’ve been sewing and sewing for one of them (the other is in pieces being sanded, carved, repainted, etc.) and guess what?  If you have both sets of Little Girl Goth patterns, you already have “F”.  (See original here )

I made the version on the left from the Blythe book, and the one on the right for my BFC using:

  • Bodice and collar from “Gloomy”
  • Sleeves from “Daydream”
  • Skirts: you choose the length, width is ~20” and they are both gathered together, top skirt is cut on the bias in the original.

I also drafted a super cute motorcycle and western jacket and finished a ballet and ice-skating pattern, both of which will be coming to the etsy store in a week or 2, and worked a little more on a furniture pattern and a doll-size fairy play house.

Ok, bear with me, it’s a long post but a free pattern is at the end …

Kudos to American Girl for their new Hearing Aids!  According to the CDC, “approximately 0.1% of children [have] a hearing loss of more than 40 decibels (dB)”  (source: It might not sound like a lot, but with a total US population over 300 million, there’s a lot of little “Just like me” dolls that will need one! 🙂

As a speech-language pathologist, I have worked with children who have hearing losses of varying degrees, and I can tell you that attitudes about wearing a hearing aid vary widely, especially when kids are too young to appreciate the benefits of them.  So I see these as both a great teaching tool (Let’s give your doll a bath…remember to take out her hearing aid!) and a way for the dolls to truly be “Just like me” for Deaf and Hard of Hearing girls.
In support of this, I took one of my dolls to “get fitted” for her aid this weekend.  It was so crowded we decided to wait and do it another day, but while we were there, we saw this dress: which “Sage” begged for, but I tend to feel outfits that show AG cloth bodies look a little silly and it was much too big for my slimmer dolls with hard plastic bodies.

So I drafted a version that will fit KnC, Sasha and Magic Attic.  It ended up looking quite a bit different from the original, but is lovely as a special occasion dress for any season.  Sasha is going to wear this for New Year’s Eve, but imagine it in deep colors of taffeta or velvet for winter time, or pastel satin as a flower girl dress for a Spring wedding!  What about a black sequined bodice with white satin ruffle and skirt and a red rosette?  White eyelet for a summer party?


And THANK YOU for reading/subscribing/commenting/linking/and otherwise interacting with my blog, it’s what keeps me posting more 🙂

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