Free 1880’s pattern and more “Little Girl Goth” dresses


As promised, the MIM steampunk outfit has been redone to fit child dolls.
(see the original here: )

It’s funny is how things change but also stay the same.  This version FREE PATTERN HERE will fit dolls like Sasha, Daisy, KnC but was based on an online picture I saw of a Bru Jne from the 1880s.  I can’t find the link now (if anyone has seen this, please share your link!) so you’ll just have to trust me that this pattern is a pretty good replica.  The original had cream colored piping around the front and neck, but if you’re going to try that, I suggest cotton.  I tried to put satin piping onto taffeta and it wasn’t fun.

And with the great response to the Heirloom/”Little Girl Goth” patterns there are now 2 more available as a set here:


Reminder: you have until next Friday to vote for the Free Pattern for December! Details  here:

I’ve already finished A, (pictured below) which surprisingly no one has voted for (Come on! It’s my favorite!)

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