Free boot pattern for Kidz n Cats, Hearts for Hearts Dolls…


Happy November!
Our fairy of the month is an adorable little group of fairies.

I am enchanted with the look, price and quality of these Hearts for Hearts girls.  You can find them at places like Target, Amazon
 and Toys R Us.  Their faces are cute, their bodies are nicely proportioned and they are a perfect sewing size – small enough to use a lot less fabric, yet not so small that the pieces are hard to handle.

I resized the most popular fairy elements from the bigger dolls to fit them and put them all together in one pattern which you can see here: If you already have the “big dolls” set and just want the re-sized pattern pieces, you can get it from me via email for $4.99.

I don’t love the shoes that come with them, however, and I made some snuggly boots (free pattern below) sized for H4H which I adapted from ones I had made for KnC/MAC/Journey Girls.  (you can see the boots on the KnC- click photo to enlarge)


The Fall Jackets pattern (on Galina, above) includes pattern pieces for the H4H too, and if you already bought the Heirloom/Little Girl Goth set and forgot to ask for the smaller pieces, just email me your etsy order # and I’ll send them to you.

A big “THANK YOU!” to the photo contest entrants and Congratulations to our first photo contest winner!  It was so close (2 votes), I felt the runner-up deserved a prize too.  So Jessica gets the dress of her choice and Margo gets a coupon to my etsy store for the pattern of her choice.  See the winning entry here: Photo Contest Winner

My husband says my posts are too long…let’s see if you’re still reading… 🙂 What will the free pattern for December be?  You get to choose!  Santa is bringing me a Blythe clone called “Blybe.” I know, opinions on Blythe dolls range from “adorable” to “scary” but once you start liking them it’s hard to remember a time when you found them creepy!

Anyway, I bought a LOVELY Japanese book of patterns for her, but since I can’t use them yet I’m redrafting the patterns I like for the Kidz/Sasha.  Post a comment by Nov 16th with your vote and the winner will be the free pattern for December! (yes, redrafted to fit our 16″-18″ girls)

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  1. I cast my vote for pattern “F” I think it could give a lot of different looks depending on the fabrics.
    NO your posts are NEVER too long. they are interesting and full of good information. I enjoy reading them all the way to the end!!! 🙂 Sometimes more than twice!
    I think the Blythe dolls ARE a bit creepy yet TOTALLY adorable!!! 😀

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