Doll photography tips


This is a selection of photos my husband and I took to enter in the Kidz n Cats photo contest.  After several hours of “location scouting” one weekend, we found a lovely spot at a dam not too far from our house (in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies).  Well, it was not far to drive, but once we parked it was about a 45 minute climb uphill to an altitude of maybe 9000’ (~2700m).  We did this hike while my husband carried a huge (backpacking-type) backpack full of 2 cameras, several lenses, dolls and props.

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I was extremely pleased with the results (but sad I didn’t win the contest!)  Anyway, here are a few (of the 50+ we took) photos of the “camping trip” for you to enjoy and at the bottom is a .pdf for you with doll photography tips.  It’s not about lenses/focusing/etc because I know next to nothing about that.  It’s more about composition – setting up your dolls to create pictures that people want to look at again and again. Click here to see it:  photo tips

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  1. Those are great pictures! sorry you didn’t win either, good luck for next time! Your hints and tips are excellent! 🙂 If you don’t mind I would add that a kneeling pad is a very handy accesory for outdoor photography! I got bruises the day I forgot mine!! 😀

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