Frog hat for dolls


I was cutting out Simplicity 1953 for myself, but the dolls were staring so longingly at the scraps I had to stop and make one for them.  🙂

I shrunk the women’s medium to 48% and used a 3/8″ seam allowance for the hat and 1/4″ SA for the eyes.  It’s lined with t-shirt fabric instead of fleece.  In retrospect, I would leave off the extra felt piece on the eye and just cut one green and one white.  I glued on the black parts of the eyes.


Wouldn’t it make a cute teddy bear hat, using the eyes as ears and adding features on the front of the hat?


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  1. I can see why the dolls were staring at the hat. Super cute and very functional. Best of all it can be used on a frog girl or boy. Or even a little guy named Aidan.

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