Hogwarts spellbooks for dolls – tutorial


Already made the robe? (If not, click here https://jenwrenne.wordpress.com/2012/07/25/hogwarts-robe-pattern-for-slim-18-dolls/)

Ok, next on our list is… Spellbooks!

Yep. It’s cute. But it’s so fast and easy your dolls can even make it themselves!  (As Alister is demonstrating)

Ready to make some? Click here to download a tutorial and free book templates: Hogwarts first year books

That knife is at  http://www.spyderco.com/catalog/details.php?product=374
and is possibly the cutest doll prop ever!


UPDATE:  There are LOADS of free printables available if you do an image search.  This one, for a Marauder’s Map is quite nice: http://www.britta.com/hogwarts/Year6/prep/map/MapWithInstructions.pdf


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