If it’s not Scottish…


So last weekend Jim and I went to the Colorado Irish Festival which was…not Scottish.  (And you know, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzG_J7RCGS0)

My main complaints?  “Ok we’re taking a 45 min break on this stage” Well, that would have been fine, but the other 2 stages also took breaks at the same time.  And the only Irish dancing was a kids’ dance competition.  Which would also have been fine, except those poor kids had to dance ALL DAY.  And their parents camped out in the only shade available, so spectators had to sit in the broiling sun.

Ok, rant is over, Jim took lots of pix of dresses and I copied a few for the dolls.  This is a pattern I drafted last summer for Sasha based on online photos and a picture in this book: http://books.google.com/books/about/Sew_the_International_Wardrobe_for_18_In.html?id=latc8G4ie9YC.Image

You can’t tell from the pictures, but the green and black dresses have lovely contrasting pleats.  After seeing the dresses in real life, Sasha’s was way too long.  (And she does have short legs…)  So, believe it or not, the only adjustment I had to make to alter it for the 18″ dolls was making the sleeves wider (and just a tad longer).  Kidz n Cats have football-player upper arms and Magic Attics have weird stick-out fingers.  I digitized all the embroidery myself.


 A copy of a very traditional looking dress.  Too many Irish dance dresses that kids choose to wear are hideous fluorescent, glitter and sequin-filled monstrosities.


This dress style was really unique.It was the only set of dresses at the festival that had this type of sleeve.  The original was olive green with gold and kelly green embroidery but unfortunately I couldn’t find the right combination of greens in my fabric and thread stash, so I used a royal purple (which unfortunately shows as blue in the pix).


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