Polish folk costume


Here is Galina again modeling a folk costume from Rzeszów (in southeast Poland).  (Bodice pattern here https://jenwrenne.wordpress.com/2012/07/16/patterns-and-tutorial-sort-of/)


She is barefoot because my dressmaking skills FAR surpass my shoemaking skills.  I did make some lovely embroidered Polish slippers but they are not up to the same standards as the rest of the outfit, so I took them off…


Here you can see the typical features of Rzeszów  dress: red and blue embroidery on the collar and apron bottom, a plain bright skirt (sometimes with ribbon trim on the bottom) and a brightly embroidered vest with tabs along the bottom.  The most difficult part was deciding which things to delete and reduce from the original.  I LOVE Polish folk costumes and if you ever get the opportunity,  walk around Krakow (arguably the folk art capital of Poland) and see the costumes in person.  My only regret is that I was on an unemployed college-student budget when I was there.  Were I to go today I would bring an empty suitcase to fill with embroidered clothes and woodcarvings.

This is a link to the costume I used as inspiration http://www.perfekt.krakow.pl/stroje/rzeszow  It is a site that specializes in costumes of most of the regions of Poland.  If you click around http://www.perfekt.krakow.pl/stroje you can see lots more.

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  2. You have just gained a new fan. I will, WILL not start craving all the wonderful dolls you show us but I do love them. Even more, I love your work. It is exquisite and I will become a loyal and frequent customer on etsy.

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