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Well, it’s summer and in search of a long-term project I ordered the 100th anniversary edition of the Mary Frances sewing book.  It has patterns re-sized to fit American Girl dolls.Image

Here is Kit, wearing the morning dress.  Below is a Toys R Us Journey Girl:Image

As you can see, it’s a little baggy, but still looks ok.  Next I tried it on my reproduction Kestner Daisy:


WAAAAY too big.  So I reduced the romper pattern to 85% for her and got:Image

Now the bodice part fits great, but unfortunately the entire thing is too short to be “modest” for Daisy’s time:


So apparently 85% is a good reduction ratio, and then the pattern needs to be lengthened by maybe an inch and a half.  This is not the case with dresses, since they have a very long hem allowance anyway…

And finally a body comparison:Image,

Mary Frances sewing